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Do they answer to a higher power? Are they looking out for BOB due to the orders of the mother monster?

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The Woodsman gives the command to the host to swallow the frog-bug whole, so that it can take her over, and she can descend into darkness. The horse reference is harder to connect, and some theorize it has to do with the drugging of Sarah Palmer, as she is the one who saw the white horse in the original series. I am more wont to connect it to the white horse being death.

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The horse is white, like the pale eyes of the Doppelgangers, and it is a representation of death, so it is dark like oblivion. Now, to the NIN song. The mouth opening part is a nice foreshadow of the girl swallowing the frog-bug.

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Well, that about sums up my analysis. What an episode that was! If you have any questions about something I missed, please post in the comments below! Many fans were shocked and dismayed to see this character credited as Richard Horne, the potential offspring of fan favorite Audrey. But is he really? What is the importance of Richard in the new series? Why does the Giant mention his name to Cooper?

The first question we have, of course, is, just how is Richard Horne related to the Hornes that we know? Johnny is perhaps the least likely candidate, though not out of the question, as his mental condition complicates social interactions. Richard could always be a bastard son of either Ben or Jerry, as both are well-known philanderers, or Jerry could have had a child with a wife or girlfriend Maybe Heba? Something could, of course, have happened to Jack, preventing him from ever returning. Could Bobby be the father?

He and Audrey did have some flirtatious moments in season 2. When questioned about why Cooper would be in the ICU, Doc says that he thought Cooper was visiting Audrey, who was in a coma after the bank explosion. The possibility is horrifying, but makes a lot of sense. Before I continue, I want to address the idea that Cooper was actually visiting Annie, to steal back the Owl Ring, or try to kill her, and the mention of Audrey is just to throw us off. Why mention Audrey, and not Annie? Why would Lynch and Frost bring her up for the first time in the new series if she was just a red herring?

I think if he had been visiting Annie, it would have been a time to be direct. And if he had been trying to kill Annie, I think Doc also would have mentioned something about it, either that Annie was dead, or that there was trouble in the ICU immediately after, or something else. It fits. He is clearly important.

What does she have to do with Cooper and Richard?


For the sake of thoroughness, I want to throw out the idea that Richard is from a previously unseen branch of the Horne family, and Linda could be his mother. Someone has also suggested that Linda is actually Audrey in hiding, and that she was crippled after the bank explosion, hence why she needs a wheel chair. My theory is that Richard and Linda are both the children of Cooper. Linda is the daughter of the Good Dale and Annie, conceived before they entered the Lodge at the end of season 2. I think Linda is also a soldier who was crippled in combat, explaining how she could be so young and need a wheel chair, and government assistance.

He and Linda may have even known each other, both being soldiers from the Twin Peaks area. It would be an odd coincidence, even if the child was given up for adoption.

Bloodlines :: lanpedolani.ml

If all this is true, I think that Richard and Linda will be instrumental to the conclusion of the show. This would nicely bring things full circle, taking us back to that first scene between Cooper and the Giant. I cannot predict what will happen, but I think it will call for an emotional and profound conclusion, with Cooper facing the dark half of himself and having to reconcile with it.

Some fans have resisted the idea, finding it harder to believe that Richard is the spawn of DoppelCoop raping a comatose Audrey, rather than him just being the result of her fling with Jack Wheeler, or another man she might have met in the interim, which is, of course, still plausible. Let me start by saying: I think he did both. He probably had libidinous thoughts about Miss Horne, which is probably why DoppelCoop targeted her. What are your thoughts on this theory?

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Comment below! As we prepare to delve back into the strange and wonderful world of Twin Peaks, we all have our anticipations, our hopes, and our assumptions. If you are looking for some last-minute theories to get you revved up for the premiere this Sunday, look no further. In the recent trailer released from Showtime, Big Ed is seen, presumably at the desk of his Gas Farm, looking pretty sullen. Many fans hoped that would see Big Ed Hurley finally united with his long-time sweetheart, Norma Jennings.

But from the looks of this clip, either things have gone wrong with Norma, or he has stayed in his unhappy marriage to Nadine. Alternately, he may have lost both women. When Nadine comes out of her teenage fantasy, she finally realizes that she has truly lost Ed to Norma. Write it in your diary. Perhaps the Good Dale has finally escaped the Black Lodge, 25 years later, and is hunting down his Doppelganger, or perhaps he still needs to be rescued. Perhaps, until that time comes, he will be exploring the various dimensions of the Lodges….

I do think further discussion of Project Blue Book, and blatant addressing of the subject of aliens, is unavoidable in order to progress certain plot elements. In true enigmatic form, I think it will be left up for interpretation, and implied that the Dugpas are not spirits, or Native American gods, or extraterrestrials, but something beyond our comprehension, and far more terrifying.

With no further information, fans analyzed the symbol as best they could, and came up with some interesting theories. This raises an eyebrow. The nature of this list is never revealed, but it is clearly important. And which agents has Cole assigned to his Blue Rose cases? While it appears to be a tulip, and not a rose, the similarities are distinctly there.

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I could of course be wrong about all of this. After all, the owls are not what they seem, and Lynch and Frost have kept us guessing from the very beginning, and the mystery they created together has lasted 27 long years. Only time will tell what truths are to be unveiled, and what mysteries are to be left uncertain forevermore. What do you think will happen in the new series? Post a comment below! One of the main complaints any die-hard Twin Peaks fan might have against Fire Walk With Me is that much of it does not take place in our beloved town.

Instead, the entire Teresa Banks investigation occurs in a strange, hostile place called Deer Meadow. Despite the pleasant and peaceful image this name might conjure up, Deer Meadow is a rather ugly place, filled with unfriendly townspeople. One could say it is the evil Doppelganger of Twin Peaks itself. But why is Deer Meadow the way it is? In this article, I will analyze the town, its residents, and the rich symbolism that litters it, hopefully shedding some light on what is going on there.

Of course, electricity, in the film, is connected to the Dugpas and, therefore, the Black Lodge as well. He looks remarkably similar to the Jurgen Prochnow lumberjack seen above the convenience store.

Doppelganger (5e Race)

If this was intentional, it would imply that there is some interference here from denizens of the Black Lodge. No good will come of it.

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In the background, we can see some interesting decor. One item of interest is a tree stump, with two chainsaws sticking out of it one red, one yellow. Wood and lumberjacks are two recurring motifs in Twin Peaks , especially as we are shown that spirits can reside in wood. The chainsaws suggest the act of cutting. Perhaps this is a place where spirits can cut through, into another dimension? Also, notice the big fish mounted on the wall here. It looks to be a bass, but it could be meant as a reference to Fat Trout Trailer Park.

In a sense, the agents are looking to catch the big fish by looking for the answer to this intricate mystery. Sitting with him is a young woman, who says something to him in what seems to be French. This could be when the Dugpa always strike. It could also have to do with the distortion of time associated with the Black Lodge. If there is a portal to the Black Lodge nearby, perhaps even within the diner itself, this pair could actually be Dugpas.

This is another interesting and very important place. The people here seem harassed, afraid, and disoriented, almost as if they have just woken from a long and terrible nightmare. Rodd is a fascinating fellow. He appears reluctant to leave his trailer or interact with the tenants. They have left many notes on his door, but he never seems to bother reading them. I would like to note here that in an early draft of the script, this woman was leading Deputy Cliff to where the agents were.

However, it is curious that, once the scene with Deputy Cliff was removed, Lynch and Frost would choose to leave in the scene of the woman with the ice pack, with seemingly no explanation. I believe that, in this new version, it is meant to be inferred that the woman has also been having experiences with the Black Lodge, possibly even BOB himself, and this is the cause of her injuries. After seeing her, Mr.